Top 4 Most Expensive Mansions in Fort Lauderdale

Located in Florida, the famous Sunshine State, Fort Lauderdale is not only known for its incredible beaches, it has also made a name for itself through its booming real estate industry. This is due to the al round warm weather which cannot be said to other big cities up north with hasher winters and biting summers.

The quiet city has for years attracted famous celebrities, athletes and retirees who want to enjoy the ample weather, welcoming culture and soothing atmosphere- There are many options that one can choose from when settling in this city. However, if money is at your disposal, you can buy the best home that money can buy. Here are top 4 most expensive homes in Fort Lauderdale.

Versace Mansion -1116 Ocean Drive, $100 million

This is Fort Lauderdale’s most expensive mansion, the Versace Mansion has been home to the wildest parties and famous guests. Rich in history, this mansion was owned by clothing line designer Gianni Versace. Built in 1930, this mansion sits on a 3 acre piece of land and measures 23,462 feet square. It accommodates 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. One of the best features about this mansion is that it faces the Atlantic Ocean and all the bedrooms have lavishly been hand painted with different colors and ceiling frescoes.

12 Indian Creek Drive, $45 million

Built in 2000, this magnificent house measures 21,746 square feet and features 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Standing tall in front of Biscayne Bay, this mansion sits on a two acre piece of land. Apart from having a glamorous ocean view, this mansion has a view of a golf course on the rear end.

Some of the great features that will make someone cough out $45, million for this house include a personal library, elevator, French country kitchen design, a seven car garage, game room, gym, wine cellar with a taste room, and a yoga room. Additionally, this property features an infinity pool, sauna and a steam room.

5800 N. Bay Road, $40 million

Built in 1929, the two-story mansion sits on a 3.3 acre piece of land in front of a bay and is surrounded by a forest of palm trees. It measures 12,153 square feet and features seven bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The view from the bay will bring you under the beautiful Fort Lauderdale skyline which is a breath taking experience. It was owned by Jenifer Lopez, and was sold to singer-songwriter Phil Collins back in 2005.

Other features of the mansion include a koi pond, two story foyer rotunda, wine cellar, movie room and a vaulted ceiling. The entire house is equipped with state of the earth security systems and Tensui water purifier system. Finally, to heighten the luxury, the master bedroom has a private terrace just for the owner of the house.

17 Indian Creek Drive, $38 million

Designed in the classic Mediterranean style, this mansion was built in 2002 and features 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It sits on a two acre piece of land that has an elegantly been landscaped with all the designs and plant life that money can buy to heighten the flair of the mansion. One unique feature of this property is that it has a 250 feet frontage opening which gives the owner a great view of the city.