Living in Fort Lauderdale Florida

The beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale can be found along the coast of Florida about an hour’s drive northward away from the pomp and flamboyance of the South Beach in Miami. This city is more subdued in its display of fun activities and provides a mix of privacy and diversity. Overall, it offers a wonderful life style and the real estate market is always great.

With the city on the ocean side, it is no surprise to find out that residents are an eclectic breed of people from artists to fishermen. Beautiful homes, ocean front restaurant, beautiful beaches and waterways are part of the attractive package of the city. Individuals are likely to enjoy spending time here on vacation or living there on a regular basis thanks to the widespread attractions. The homes vary from high-rise condos, to waterfront mansions, and beautiful gated-communities. To see some of Fort Lauderdale’s most beautiful homes for sale click here.

For individuals considering a more permanent move to the city, Fort Lauderdale’s climate is one that always exudes warmth thanks to its tropical acclimation of almost year-round sun. The weather is mostly warm with a spare outpouring of rain during the year.

It is no secret that the city is surrounded by beaches hence, water sports and occasional trips to the beach are things to look forward to while staying there. Residing there all year round means you get the opportunity to develop habits such as having a favorite spot to fish or knowing the perfect day to snorkel.

Although all these add to the charm of the region, there are other things that make living here worthwhile:

  • This community is one that has deep roots with the ocean. It therefore comes as no surprise that over 30,000 of its residents reside within their sea craft (yachts).
  • Fort Lauderdale is a sprawling metropolis in the making regardless of its small size. During the spring break period, it attracts a large crowd which aids in the economy of the community by creating jobs. The government has also taken steps into ensuring that business growth is one that is not impeded as various professions are each given a boost.
  • The art of the city is another attraction point and as a result, it is not surprising to find that at least one person out of ten individuals is most likely to be an artist. The city also plays host to art communities such as the Flagler Arts and Technology which also aids the local economy by organizing Art Walk events.
  • Food variety thanks to the different restaurants is something to look forward too. The fact that Fort Lauderdale is close to the ocean means that seafood is showcased at its best.
  • The all-round nice weather means that the weather is mostly pleasant therefore it would make a nice place to get away from the pollution of the crowded city and live a healthy life.
  • Fort Lauderdale also boasts many places to engage in outdoor activities. There are plenty of beautiful parks where you can go skating, biking and beaches that offer serene kayaking experiences on a regular basis.
  • Fort Lauderdale has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the city of Florida thanks to its thriving tourist economy as well as incentives by the local government to improve business standards.

As you can see, Fort Lauderdale offers an incredible lifestyle. The quality of life for you, your spouse, and your children in Fort Lauderdale is hard to surpass. What is your favorite thing about Fort Lauderdale?