5 Easy Ways to Save Money At Home

Becoming eco-friendly is not difficult; it is just a matter of adjusting your lifestyle. Learning to conserve where we can ensure that our children and grandchildren have a place to call home.

1. Print Both Sides of Paper: Reuse paper whenever possible by printing both sides or using the second side for some other work.

2. Install Showerheads with Low Flow & turn Off Taps: It is too common to leave the tap running while brushing teeth and waste water. Low-flow showerheads use 25 to 60% less water and cut down on the water bill.

3. Fully Load Dishwasher & Washing Machine: Running these appliances with less than full loads wastes water and energy. By ensuring that each load is full, you save on electricity bill and the environment.

4. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: Technology is advancing very quickly, and light bulbs that use very little electricity are now very common. Granted they cost more initially, but the compact fluorescent light bulbs use 25% less energy and last up to ten times longer. So, in the long run, you save money not only on electricity but replacements also.

5. Switch off Lights: Make a habit of turning all unnecessary lights, computers, and T.Vs off when not in use. You will be amazed at the difference in your bill!